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The Internet has created a space for a variety of online companies that could never have otherwise existed. Some of these businesses are making the world a better place while others are arguably doing the exact opposite. Digital Trends recently reported on one of the more seedy online businesses out there in the article ?Website Publishes Mug Shots, Then Charges Arrestees $200 to Remove Them.?

According to the article, Kansas City resident Matthew Creed has launched a site called Blabbermouth. The site brings public attention to local arrests (which are already public record) and also allows Creed to financially profit off of those arrested by showcasing personal information like the arrestee?s name, home address, date of birth, mug shot, and crime. In order to have the information removed within twelve hours arrestees are forced to pay Creed $200.

Here?s how Creed markets his business:

?In an attempt to get the attention of Kansas City residents that have been arrested, Creed?s marketing plan includes sending a letter to an arrestee with their mug shot printed on the envelope. The letter included in the attention-grabbing envelope states ?We have already started blabbing to the world about your release from jail. And we want to make you aware of our services, as we kind of have a big mouth!??

While Lawyers of the letter recipients are currently trying to figure out the legality of his business model, Creed?s own home address has been published on a KSLR forum for all to see. If I were Creed, I?d be worried for my safety after making enemies with a city full of criminals.

Jasmine Ashton, July 15, 2012

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