Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exclusive look: 'MythBusters' tackle zombies


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Zombies have reached their pop culture peak. From books, comic books, movies, TV shows and apps, it's hard to avoid the legions of undead — well, except in real life.

For now at least, the dead stay put outside of fictitious setups. But just in case humanity ever finds itself facing a genuine zombie menace, the gang at "MythBusters" is putting zombie lore to the test.

Actually, as evidenced by the exclusive clip Discovery provided TODAY, they'll be putting humans to the test, to see if we stand a chance when it comes to surviving a zombie invasion.

The sneak peek reveals that the "MythBusters: Zombie Special" packs a new version of the usual disclaimer that kicks off the show.

"WARNING! The following show contains gruesome images of the undead being hacked, whacked and smacked," it reads. "Viewer discretion is advised. In addition, do not try what you are about to see at home — all zombies used in this show were undead experts."

Good to know.

To make sure the test is legit — or as legit as a test about a zombie apocalypse can be — "MythBusters" enlisted the help of Greg Nicotero from KNB EFX Group, otherwise known as the special effects house behind "Day of the Dead," "Amy of Darkness," "The Walking Dead," and the not-so-zombie packed show, "Breaking Bad." Nicotero covered the basics of what zombies can and can't do.

"We use the scene in 'Night of the Living Dead,' the cemetery (scene), as our holy grail for zombie movement," he explained. "They're not very quick. They're attracted to sound. ... (And) they're not very smart. Generally speaking, you've just go to make sure you don't get overrun by too many of them."

But that's just what the "MythBusters" Built Team plans to do. With 150 volunteers playing the part of the brain munchers, they'll attempt to see if escape is possible.

You can watch them set up the task in the sneak peek, but you'll have to tune in to find out it if it's a victory for Team Human. 

"The Walking Dead's" Michael Rooker (who played Merle Dixon, RIP) will also join the fun on "MythBusters" on Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

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