Friday, October 18, 2013

Google Q3 2013 earnings: $14.9 billion revenue, $3.44 billion operating income


Revenues and operating income increase, but Motorola posts operating loss of $248 million

Google has just announced its Q3 2013 earnings, and it's another solid quarter for the search giant. We're listening in on the earnings call as we speak, but here's your breakdown of the financials:

  • $14.89 billion in revenues, up 12 percent year-over-year
  • Operating income of $3.44 billion, 23 percent of revenues, up from 2.74 billion last year
  • Net income  of $2.97 billion, up from 2.18 billion last year
  • Earnings Per Share of $8.75, up from $6.53 last year

Google-owned sites made up $9.39 billion, or 68 percent, of total Google revenues, with Google Network bringing in $3.15 billion and "other" a total of $1.23 billion. 56 percent of Google revenues came from countries other than the U.S., which is just slightly higher than Q3 2012.

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